Friday, October 9, 2009

Bucket List

read along if you please.
I would love to hear some of your 'bucket list' ideas. please share.
this is my way of remembering all the mighty adventures
I must tackle, enjoy and accomplish before my days are over.
my rough draft, compass and and blue prints to life.

.... here i go ....
{wish me luck}

travel the world. literally.
live in New york. again.
lay in bed the entire day, with my future husband to be.
jump rope around the block
visit my 'friends' in Laval, and say thank you for opening my eyes to the world.
play 18 holes of golf
go rock climbing. the real deal
hike to see the sunrise.
pray at the wall in Jerusalem
dance on an empty stage.
run into someone famous on the street.
complete a double front flip off the low dive.
serve a mission. now or later. or both.
attend a ballet that ends with a real "encore".
create a family. meaning, have children.
honeymoon in Italy.
pull a prank. a good one.
read a book a month. at least.
backpacking trip- here I come.
plant a garden. of my own.
wear a pair of high heels from the minute I wake up, the the moment I fall asleep.
host a party. a big event.
speak another language. fluently.
learn to enjoy running.
graduate college
discover a new talent.
get married. of course.
step foot on a wakeboard.
convert those closest to me.
explore photography. if not become a photographer.
a concert pianist? just maybe.
perform a card trick
visit Norway. a dream destination of mine.
do five pirouettes on pointe.
chop my hair off. a drastic change.
see the Mona Lisa. at the Louvre.
write a letter to everyone whom I adore. and love.
purchase a real designer purse.
live in Europe.
head to Australia. vacation.
pull off my dream wedding. it will done, as long as I marry the man of my dreams.
work closely (maybe a profession) with those suffering from down syndrome.
reconnect with old friends. a reunion.
fly in a private jet.
see the great wall of china with my own two eyes.
Get rid of every ounce of pride and guilt that's locked up inside of me.
be an extra in a movie. one with a line or two.
kiss on the Eiffel Tower. a proposal would be nice, too.
slow dance in the middle of a crowded street.
visit an orphanage.
paint a picture. one worth framing.
own a house with a white picket fence.
attend a high school reunion. Go East High! class of 07'.
free fall from a bridge.
Tell my future husband to be that I love him every single day.
conquer a major fear of mine.
Live at home. again. for awhile this time.
taste gelato in Europe.
discover a 'hole in the wall' restaurant . eat there often.
finish my scrapbook.
sew a quilt by hand.
eat something totally bizarre.
donate money to a charity.
attend a yankees and red sox game. (red sox fan, just fyi)
deliver a motivational speech.
buy a puppy.
visit the shores of Antarctica just to be amongst penguins.
ride an elephant.
go scuba diving.
raise my kids up in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
having possession of my grandmother's wedding ring. love it.
kiss under a waterfall.
keep my eyes open the entire tour of a haunted house.
participate in humanitarian work in a third world country.
accomplish a dream. no matter how silly or small.
take an anatomy class. I'm fascinated with the human body.
for old times sake, get together with the girls for one last "freeze out"
be an owner of my dream car. the cabriolet. Volkswagen.
meet Mikhail Baryshnikov.
attend the Olympics. when hosted in another country.
dye my hair brown. just to try it.
come out on top of a major trail or tribulation.
drive to the end of a rainbow.
worthily go through the temple.
frequently write a pen pal.
learn and perform Chopin's "Fantasie" Impromptu, Op. 66. be continued.....

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  1. lovely lovely list...

    they really do have the power to inspire!

  2. I love reading your blog, it always makes me smile and/or inspires me.
    I hate running, I also wish I could learn to enjoy it.
    5 pirouettes? I have a hard time believing you've never done 5 you crazy girl. My goal is like. 3.
    Anyway. love these. :)

  3. gotta admit, i didnt read the whole thing cause thats a mighty long list there! -but an excellent one at that.

    i love any europe references you have there. oh my gosh. i feel like its my destiny to be there. live there...i dunno. i just love everything french really. so yes, one day

    also, about the 'real encore' one, im not sure what you meant by it, but ive noticed lots of ppl here in utah at theatre and music performances ALWAYS give standing ovations. i just dont get it. i dont think they get it actually. not everything is outstanding..
    im gonna stop myself before i seem like a cynic. haha

    nice list!

  4. What an amazing best friend I have. I couldn't ask for a better example. Love you