Wednesday, September 8, 2010


it is time....
for those of you asking for it,
i finally got around to creating a new blog.
so check it out.

i just barely created it,
so there is lots of work to do still.
but it's a start for now.

thanks for being faithful friends and readers,
i hope you follow our new blog!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

sneak peak

alright, alright. good news...
we got our wedding pictures!
{hip hip hooray!}
but, because there are billions to sort thru
and pick just which ones to post,
you'll have to wait a tid bit longer to see them.
however, here is a sneak peak....
this one's a winner!
isn't this a hoot? we love you, family!

Friday, September 3, 2010


spent the morning cleaning.
laundry galore, dishes stacked up, bathrooms, dusting shelves.
the whole sha-bang.
however, there was a twist to cleaning today.
i used our nifty new dyson vacuum.
holy moly! it works wonders.
seriously. best purchase yet.
the best part?
the genius ball on the bottom.
it enables you to spin and curve your vacuum instantly.
call me crazy. because its clear i'm in love with a vacuum.
and i know its odd, that i'm posting about this...
but, trust me- you would be too if you had a
vacuum that made you enjoy cleaning.
one that even made you dance around the house.
it was simply a good morning in the
stice residence, to say the least.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


aloha! as almost expected, the lovebirds (that's us) spent our honeymoon in beautiful hawaii. the big island itself, actually. what a gorgeous place to see. from black sand beaches, forests, waves, to see turtles, spotless beaches, kon and lava rocks... we saw it all. we spent many hours hiking, eating, cuddling, snorkeling and exploring. take a look at these pictures! i'm sharing our luxurious honeymoon with you... well, kind of.
excuse our grossness in the sunburn and no make-up pictures! thanks!

just arrived! fresh off the plane...aloha!

our luxious hotel!
a big thanks for to our travel agent for the killer choice.

just the two of us. laughing on our balcony. lovely day.

these next 3 are pictures from our day on the other side of the island.
"hilo side."
definitely a day full of adventure...lots of hiking, wave diving, driving and sight seeing.
black sand beaches, lava rocks, hilo, cafe pesto, waterfalls, local friends,
wapio lookout! insanely pretty and cool.
look down to the beach. we hiked that distance. nuts.

akaka falls! a massive waterfall. biggest on hawaii.
a sight to see.

jumped out of our car and snapped this shot. loved this place.

best ice cream on the isalnd. white macadamia nut ruled our world. delicious.

shaved ice. a hawaiian classic. yum.

no words can describe the beauty of a sunset. we enjoyed many.

the lovebirds. at our favorite beach.

forever and ever.

thanks for the lovely honeymoon loverboy.
you're a babe in your suit.
and i'll forever crave coconut syrup.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

at last!

look closely- image is on floppy discs. cool. source nick gentry.

we have internet in our home sweet home.
thank heavens.
loverboy can now spend his hours slaving away on homework
under our very own roof.
as opposed to nearest place with an internet connection.
i love this. i'm not home alone as much.

more importantly, thank goodness for this steady connection to the internet.
i have a blogging life again.
i have missed your dear blogs.
and boy, have i missed jotting down my silly thoughts.

connections are lovely.
connections with family, friends, places, and
of course, the internet.

happy blogging.


i had no idea that is was possible for someone out there in the world, to be more obsessed with Michael Jackson than i am. But, we may have a tie for first place. loverboy and i happened to need a wireless router. we took the long trek out to the apple store and to our surprised walked into something.... great. it was fate; i know it was. i blinked a few times, realizing what i saw was real. take a look for yourself.

not the best film, because i was trying to be sneaky from a distance. wish i could have filmed the really good stuff. but, you get an idea.

yes- there was actually a guy dressed up as MJ standing in front of the computer screen, blasting "billy jean", mimicking MJ's every move. hope you noticed the black sequin jacket and white glove. he was dead serious. not putting on a show for anyone. just his usual routine, i suppose.
this was a classic act. loverboy and i were in awe. i know i'm a little rebel for filming him- but i had to. i wasn't the only one doing so... he had quite the fan club.

long story short...
only in mo-town do you walk into an apple store to find this kind of a surprise.
unreal. completely made my day.
as well as the delicious homemade cookies we enjoyed, the perfectly sunny day, the scrumptious dinner we polished off, and the goodnight cuddles.

MJ... your spirit lives on. you are a legend. and i'm your (2nd) biggest fan.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

vote here:

i'm taking a vote.
obviously, my life took on a major lifestyle change.
one, that brought another heart into the picture.
so, i'm at a standstill....

do i change the blog and make it "our's"
do i get a new one all together
do i keep the one i already have?

let me here what you think.
is anyone even reading my blog?
does it really matter?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Can you believe it?
I am MARRIED! I am the MRS. STICE.
lucky, i know.
i am a wife. suddenly a cook.
i am also a perfectionist. that's nothing new, though.
i've realized just how much i hate
messes and unpacking.
box after box.
kitchen gadget after kitchen gadget.
hanger after hanger.
we are finally done.
thank goodness.
"a new soft couch and big black dresser"
were the last pieces in place.
wanna see? check back soon for posted pictures
of the wedding an our new home.

as for married life?
it's absolutely LOVELY.
i mean honestly, what's better than waking up to the
man of your dreams and best friend every single morning?
sharing every minute of life is spectacular.
every little conversation matters.
minutes turn into hours.
hours into days.
crazy to think we've already been married for 19 days.
time flies when you are with the one you love.
i love being a wife.
but even more, i love having him all to myself.
he is my perfect match.
he completes me.
not to mention, what a total sweetheart he is.

the honeymoon?
if your curious.... it was great.
Hawaii was beautiful.
hiking, snorkeling, laying out, coconut syrup,
aloe vera, bubba gumps, black sand, sun burns and
of course a little love.
it was a perfect ending to a perfect summer.

as for life for the Stice's right now?
dance has already started.
he starts school tomorrow.
he's anxious.
i'm getting whipped back into shape.
he is spoiling me rotten.
thanks lovebird.
we defeated the ants.
yes, ants everywhere in my car.
and other than that....
we just spend our days loving each other
as it will always be that way.

we miss home. mainly those loved ones we left behind. we send you ALL of you our love.
don't worry mom and dad, i'm a great cook. so far so good.
and surprisingly, joel has only been eating a serving size for about 2 people.
i love you both more than all the birds in the sky.
jim, our front table looks great! thanks for everything!
we are off to a good start because of you.
friends... come visit! our doors are always open to you!
we love you!

Friday, July 23, 2010

tick tock

12 days until...
the big day!!!
i am counting down the days.
yet, part of me is holding on
to the life of being "unmarried".
well, i am going to miss being a daddy's girl.
i am scared {yet excited} to learn how to cook,
nervous {yet anxious} for all the change that is about to happen
and i'm not quite ready to give up my 'girly' bedding.
i cannot wait to be married to lover boy.
i'm beyond excited.
i am SO anxious to go through the temple,
to be a bride, a wife and a soul mate.
i can't wait to wake up next to him, to cuddle all night long,
and to come home to someone at night.
12 more days.
planning is complete.
however, 'the checklist' never gets smaller.
i'm so anxious for the days to come.
being a bride is simply CRAZY;
so i better live it up these last
12 days.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ladies and gentlemen... i have found my other heart. and he has found his. it is the best feeling in the world. i hope you have found your second heart, but if not... keep searching, because there is nothing better than finding someone else's heart that makes your heart beat to the rhythm of theirs.

lovely ladies

shout out to two important women in my life!

first being my dear mother. what a beautiful woman she is. such an example of all the greatest attributes. i came home from a ruff day to find a sweet little note, a pair of new shoes, adorable earings, and some new stationary. she simply left them in hopes i would enjoy them. may be a small act of kindness to some of you, but to me, it meant the world. i love her dearly- and words can't possibly begin to describe the deep friendship we hold between us, nor the sincere love i have for her. she's the best mother (midge) in the world. i love you, mom.

second being lovely rosie card. she is a angel. 'ro' just left for her mission today. impressive, right? she is so gorgeous it is unreal. her qualities shine through her. i am so proud of the decision she has made to serve others and Him above. she will truly be a remarkable missionary. happy to see her go, yet sad to lose her for 18 months. i so badly wish she could be in my wedding line. she has changed my life. she has always been a friend- through thick and thin. and i know she always will be. you're incredible rose... i love you! good luck out there!


i feel as though you have died.
sad, sad day.
i know, i have neglected to write
due to wedding plans.
but, please... stay alive.
i'll need you soon for venting,
capturing my thoughts, and
telling the world who i
(soon to be 'we') am.
only about a month more,
and you'll be all mine again.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

busy bee

okay, it's apparent that i am far too busy for this little blog of mine.
planning a wedding is nuts.
yes, i love it, and am having a blast.
but, i don't seem to find time for anything else.
i'm hoping that after my lovely honeymoon i will
have amples of time to blog.
i certainly miss it, and miss reading all of your sweet blogs.
i can't wait to post our engagement photos as well as our
wedding photos. but you'll have to wait a little bit longer,
because everything must be a surprise. you can consider me old school.
lots to catch up on.
but, don't worry it will all get done.
as for now, enjoy your last two months of summer!
i love you dearly!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


just last night, i was chatting with corey online. he is in costa rica for the summer living the dream. it just so happened we were online at the exact same time; and thank heavens we were. after an hour long chitchat, more like heart to heart, i felt rejuvenated. he was full of advice; the type of advice you can only encounter from a beloved brother. i had expressed the feelings and concerns of my heart and he instantly said all the right words. i'm thankful for the relationship i have with him. to be honest, we never have really opened up quite like that before. who knows, maybe it was the miles between us that in turn made us feel closer. or maybe it was the convenience of having a computer screen relay our words rather than standing face to face. whatever it was, i'm forever thankful for the advice, love and deep concern i felt from him. listen up! i thought i would share one simple thing he said to me...

"The problem in my opinion, is that the grass is always greener, especially when it comes to a partner. But what I think is the goal is to find someone that makes you mostly happy and work on the things that may not be perfect. We need to search for those who we have to work the least with. Its easier if the only thing that bugs you about your partner is maybe how they sip their soup or something simple."

simply brilliant. i loved that. one of his many definitions of love.

as far as his advice for life? he told me...

"a friend of mine said recently that 'all those who wander are not necessarily lost'. thats how i feel. I dont need more money than i have now- i do what i want when i want."

i know you may be a little lost, considering you only read the bits and pieces... but take heed to generic advice.

and remember, "all those that wander are not necessarily lost".

thanks core. i sure love ya.

summer at last

it's day six of our little trip to california. who wants to go house hunting when you can lay out? we boycotted the search for our future home and decided to soak up the sun. it was lovely. nothing better than sun rays, vitamin d, and a tan line. yum. too bad you aren't here to join in on the fun. who knows, maybe next year you can all come visit us! lay out by our future pool, drink our future lemonade and laugh about our future experiences. enjoy the gorgeous day out there!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


lately, i seem to be thinking and pondering. a lot. differently, than i have before. my brain is into deliberately thinking about every single little detail of my life. it's as though my brain bought a ticket for a never ending roller coster ride.

why is it, that when we tend to think too hard about things we stress out, worry or even become sad? i feel as though i've fallen into a little rut. i can't seem to get out. help me.

i think, think, think and think some more. every decision or thought has to go through a a vigorous thought cycle in my head before i am satisfied with it.

i look at food, and i think. i pray, and i think. i look at my body, and i think. i look at him, and i think. i look at wedding magazines, and i think. i look at the past, and i think. i also look at him, and i think. i look at friendships, and i think. i look at the future, and i think. i go on a walk, and i think. i look at apartments, and i think. i evaluate my life, and i think.

a hard think. not your typical, everyday think.
this is a think that drives me crazy at times.

i want to be normal again.
a little more carefree. a little more believing in myself and my decisions. and a little more positive.

the advice, "stop and think about it" usually fixes all problems.
i now need someone to say, "stop thinking."
but, seriously.
what has gotten into me?

think. think. think. here i go again.

{photo by anna gay}

Friday, June 4, 2010


silly, dumb and not the greatest picture.
oh, well.
there's nothing wrong with having fun.
have a fun-filled weekend. love you all.


well, well, well...

i am in MODESTO yet again.
and couldn't be happier.
i feel back at home, actually.
can't explain how lovely it was to
sit, laugh, talk and drink diet coke with joe.
boy, have i missed him.
and that's an understatement.

last night was graduation.
today is house hunting
tomorrow is san francisco
nothing but fun.

i'm stoked to be on "vacation"
especially with my lovebird.
he's so stinkin' good to me.
no doubt in my mind that our
future life together will be nothing
"short" of incredible.

as for now, i've got to go.
we have lots to do.
wish us luck in finding a cute little place to live.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

a fairy tale story

waking up from a restless night due to nerves, she quickly got ready for the big show. it was her day to be aurora in sleeping beauty. she had worked weeks and weeks correcting, rehearsing, learning and well, stressing. her adoring family members, and two of her best friends had traveled miles by plane and car. even a last minute road trip, through the middle of the night, by brother bret made the crew complete. or did it...? someone vital was missing. she was still hoping that by some miraculous way, her lover would miss his finals and SAT to come watch her perform. that's all she wanted, in fact. it made her sick knowing that he wouldn't be there to watch the performance of her lifetime. she walked into the theater that day with butterflies galore, a prayer in her heart, and to be honest a little disappointment. she hadn't heard from him in what seemed like forever. they hadn't been able to chitchat on the phone, simply because their schedules clashed. a little mad that he didn't call her to wish her "good luck", she turned her phone off and walked out to the stage to begin the day she would never forget. it was time to focus. she recognized that this was a day that would never be able to repeat itself. she had been given the leading role of the ballet, and had one shot at performing it. the show had begun. literally, the longest ballet in ballet history seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. after dancing her heart out, the curtain fell putting an end to her show. she was completely out of breath, legs aching of exhaustion and the feeling of accomplishment glowed brightly through her eyes. suddenly, her heart stopped. literally. the next five seconds happened in slow motion... her ballet mistress ordered the company not to leave the stage, and shortly after her director came rushing on stage with someone following right behind him. she couldn't believe her eyes. it was him. in a matter of seconds, the outcome of her performance was upstaged by the man of her dreams; and he was about the perform the proposal of her dreams. the dancers naturally set the stage as they formed a circle around the two lovebirds. being the romantic prince that he was, he said all the right words. she was so shaken up with the butterflies leaping around in her stomach that she could hardly look at him. in fact, she seemed to be more nervous and anxious for that very moment in time more so than the duration of the weeks leading up to her performance. before she could grasp the reality of this fantasy, he was down on one knee. a little white bird box carried the perfect ring. with no hesitation, she said yes. she knew that the best part about her, was him. slipping the ring onto her finger, happened all so fast. the diamond sparkled beyond belief. love was in the air. she was swooped off of her blistered toes. she couldn't get enough of him. looks of love, kisses of passion and hugs of infinity were just the beginning. family rushed over to her in a matter of seconds. friends embraced her with hugs, tears of joy and a lots of congratulations. she felt as though she was the luckiest girl in the world. she had her new fiance in her arms, her family full of nothing but love and support, her best friend at her side and her friends radiating with excitement. it truly was a fairy tale. she now is living happily ever after back in utah for the summer; busier than ever planning the wedding of their dreams while spending every possible second with him. love is simply splendid. the end.
one of many pictures. i wish i could show you more,
but you'll have to wait for august 4th.

well, there you have it.... a fairy tale of my own. the story of my proposal is just the beginning. i am obviously spoiled greatly with love, kisses and a prince charming. he is the best part of me, and what's comforting is that i know that i'm the best part of him. we're made for each other.

i love you babe. thanks for the dream-come-true proposal.
i love you more than life itself.

Friday, May 14, 2010

coming soon

dear blog....
it has been FOREVER.
so much has happened in the last two weeks.
sleeping beauty took all of my time
and energy away from me.
the move back home was exhausting
and i still feel as though i'm adjusting.
i have big news.
really big news.
but, its too exciting to spoil it in this little post.
so a "good" post will be created as soon as
time allows me to sit down and compose.
hang in there blog and friends.
i haven't forgotten you.
in fact, i have missed you dearly.

Monday, April 26, 2010

to: him

(i hope he doesn't check my blog for awhile, because he would probably kill
me for posting this handsome picture of him. shhh!)

happy birthday!!!
you're 24 today.
"that's nuts."

i wish i were home to celebrate with you.
we would eat chocolate cake.
probably go get a bubble tea.
i'd kiss you just a couple times.
you'd open my awesome present
(which i'm crossing my fingers for, in hopes that you will love it)
we would snuggle the night away.
and yes, i would spank you 24 times.
i hope you have a fantastic birthday!
i'm sad i don't get to be with you on your special day.
however, don't you worry- we'll celebrate it the second I get home.
oh and one more thing...
"my favorite month is April. why? because that's when you were born"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

timeless inspiration

simply obsessed with this. yes, i have seen it a million times and there's a good chance you have too. but, it never fails to inspire me. what a lovely dancer. beautiful body, technique and control. she has the ability to transform simplicity into brilliance. this film for me, speaks the epitome of a ballerina. on top of that, i love the music; which i'm determined is the reasoning behind why i get the chills every time i watch it. not to mention, it is my ultimate dream and fantasy to dance on a bare stage in an empty theater. as always, after watching this video i'm beyond motivated to dance my little heart away. i am inspired to gain such a beauty and grace. i want to own the stage as she does, and capture the elegance yet power in performing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i hate when people gossip, assume, whisper and judge.
speaking ill of someone else, is a sign of weakness in your own character.

i hate doing laundry.
why am i tall? hanging everything i own, is a hassle.

i hate falling short of high expectations.
i consider it failure.

i hate slackers.
responsibility is a commitment in and of itself.

i hate throwing up.
hands down, the biggest fear of my life.

i hate secrets.
why? well, i suppose i have a phobia of the unknown.

i hate being homesick.
only get it every so often. but, it hits hard.

i hate heartbreaks and breaking hearts.
hearts are fragile, easily damaged and often hard to repair.

i hate regrets.
life is a gift too valuable to underestimate. make the most of things.

ironically, i hate the word hate.
love is all you need.

Monday, April 19, 2010

crunch time

well, my friends... its crunch time.
meaning two weeks until opening night.
staging, choreography to learn, tech week, etc.
it's time to give up diet coke and sweets.
even a bigger yikes.
i realize that is crunch time for a lot of you out there.
deadlines, finals, due dates, etc.
let's do this together.
hang in there.
i wish you luck.

p.s. i can't wait until may 1st. hurry up already.
i'm so anxious to see emily, jules.
and of course my family.

Friday, April 16, 2010

a true "jule"

i just love this girl.
one of those we consider a true beauty.
inside and out.
lovely, lovely lady.
always radiating with love, smiles and kindness.
best laugh out there.
the world is better because of her.
example to all-
in showing that life is real and beautiful
the gospel is true, and she
knows it.
naturally, she owns a spot on the 'best friend' list.
she means the world to me.
following your dreams is a common aspiration of ours.
however, she is far more talented than i am.
listen now. or you'll miss out.
good luck with conquering the world of music.
you have got it at the tip of your fingers.
i simply love you.

check her out for yourself. watcha waitin' for?
she's unreal.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


well, being bored at work resulted in a new post today. and frankly, i have nothig fancy on my mind. just a whole lot of jumbled thoughts. here are the bits an pieces...

word one: taxes. point blank, i don't understand how taxes work. and have no desire to learn. money is a crazy thing. (stink bug- don't get mad at me for saying that) all i know is that i hate them already. daddy called me today with "depressing" news...
i owe money. boo.
word two: impatient. lately, i seem to hold the title of "world's most impatient girl". why? certianly, it is just from being anxious for the things about to happen. sleeping beauty, the move back home for the summer, seeing him again, and few big decisions, and i'm definitely anxious
for summer to take me hostage.
word three: him. you guessed it. he just always seems to be the one thing on my mind. can you blame me? trust me, if you had the world's best boyfriend, you'd be as guilty as i am. sorry girls, unfortunately he's taken. im happily in love. 19 more days until i get to run and
jump into his arms again. yay.
word four: gratitude. i am one lucky girl. lately, i feel as though i have the world under my feet to be greatful for. so many blessings, good things, friends, laughs, moments, promising plans and loving parents. honestly, life couldn't be better.
so, thank you world.
word five: daughter. i have had an awakening in the last few days. i was reminded that i am still a daughter of two gracious parents. i am still 'required' to impress and please them. i better step up my game. they are doing so much for me, and the least i can do is make an
effort to be a little better every day.
word six: self control. or rather a lack of. it seemed to have flown out the window. i am struggling to turn down treats, diet cokes and yogurt mill. aslo, i can't seem to make myself do a few sit ups, push ups and cardio. help. time is a clicking.

word seven: "WHEN?"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

is this real?

if so.... take me there, please.

Friday, April 9, 2010

'a little motivation'

this little quote was perfect for finding today. i feel so stressed, exhausted and simply at the end of my ropes.
i am in need of a little motivation right now.
sleeping beauty is taking the life out of me. my toes have had enough pain already. rehearsals are becoming too long, and to a degree, unbearable. my pointe shoes are dying by the second. my body feels as though it is ready to collapse at any given moment. and i feel as though i've learned enough choreography for five people.
i am not a winer or a complainer. i simply am just exhausted. my exhaustion has turned into stress. however, after reading this little quote i am determined to defeat my plague of exhaustion. i love knowing that pushing the hardest for something when you have nothing left in you, is when you accomplish the most. it starts by defeating your exhaustion mentally. anything is possible no matter the pain or tiredness.
i have it in me to finish this season out. i can do it.
i truly have fallen in love with this ballet more than i expected to. i am humbled at the opportunity i have been given to learn and perform it. through my pain, blistered toes, exhaustion, stress, frustration and long hours in rehearsal i am going to pull the ounce of motivation i have left in me and make the most of it.
wish me luck. i need it.
be motivated. we all have room to push ourselves.
and i'm the first to admit it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

stuck in a rut

something's not right.
i don't feel quite like myself all of a sudden.
it's quite obnoxious.
wish i knew what i could do to fix it.
(whatever "it" is.)

i'm a bit stressed.
a little bit overwhelmed.
definitely too busy.
but that isn't anything abnormal.

so what is it?

i want to be me again.
come back please.

i'm just a bit off my rocker.
a little bit aggravated.
definitely confused.
and for me, this is certainly abnormal.

i'm hoping to snap out of it
very soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

changed love

"we are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love.
it is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person."
-W. Somerest Maugham

my dear mother gave me this quote last week, and thank goodness she did. i have done an awful lot of thinking concerning the matter of change, love, and people this week. how vital it is that we recognize the change in ourselves as we begin to venture out in loving those around us. recognize the change in oneself, but also in the one you love. the last line of the quote is sheer brilliance; naturally, we must all be able to love a changed person simply because we, ourselves, are at constant change.
it's only fair.
loving a changed person can demand forgiveness or require you to step outside the box. loving a changed person can also require acceptance, patience, forgetting, hope, trust, sympathy, an understanding, and work.
really my friends, let your hearts be humbled. love grows through humility.
remember we are all "changing" together.
loving someone should come easy.
forget the things that keep you from loving someone sincerely.
life is too short. love is too strong. and change is a perfect thing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break

how lovely it was to fly home for a quick visit this past week. quick, because life as a ballerina is too demanding. however, the few days i managed to sneak away from the studio, were hands down, some of the best in my life.
a perfect week indeed.
dance concerts. family. crew's baseball game. tickles and kisses with william. scrumptious meals (which i'm now somewhat regretting). a game of hand and foot. the homecoming of a missionary/total stud. a good chat with e-con. big secrets. snuggling. bubble teas. rugby game. lots of laughter. park city. soy milk. bulgarian
lessons. catching up with "old" pals. planning. lovely outings with papa stice. diet cokes. hair cut. and so much more.
best part of the week? you guessed it...
we had too much fun together. i couldn't possibly thank him enough for making the most out of my week.
bless his heart. i owe him big time.
the week with him was well spent. every second now a memory. words being incapable of describing my feelings as of late.
a big thanks to family, friends and him for making it a lovely spring break.
it's certainly good to be back in sunny california dancing my little heart away-
but i sure miss all of you.