Monday, April 26, 2010

to: him

(i hope he doesn't check my blog for awhile, because he would probably kill
me for posting this handsome picture of him. shhh!)

happy birthday!!!
you're 24 today.
"that's nuts."

i wish i were home to celebrate with you.
we would eat chocolate cake.
probably go get a bubble tea.
i'd kiss you just a couple times.
you'd open my awesome present
(which i'm crossing my fingers for, in hopes that you will love it)
we would snuggle the night away.
and yes, i would spank you 24 times.
i hope you have a fantastic birthday!
i'm sad i don't get to be with you on your special day.
however, don't you worry- we'll celebrate it the second I get home.
oh and one more thing...
"my favorite month is April. why? because that's when you were born"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

timeless inspiration

simply obsessed with this. yes, i have seen it a million times and there's a good chance you have too. but, it never fails to inspire me. what a lovely dancer. beautiful body, technique and control. she has the ability to transform simplicity into brilliance. this film for me, speaks the epitome of a ballerina. on top of that, i love the music; which i'm determined is the reasoning behind why i get the chills every time i watch it. not to mention, it is my ultimate dream and fantasy to dance on a bare stage in an empty theater. as always, after watching this video i'm beyond motivated to dance my little heart away. i am inspired to gain such a beauty and grace. i want to own the stage as she does, and capture the elegance yet power in performing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i hate when people gossip, assume, whisper and judge.
speaking ill of someone else, is a sign of weakness in your own character.

i hate doing laundry.
why am i tall? hanging everything i own, is a hassle.

i hate falling short of high expectations.
i consider it failure.

i hate slackers.
responsibility is a commitment in and of itself.

i hate throwing up.
hands down, the biggest fear of my life.

i hate secrets.
why? well, i suppose i have a phobia of the unknown.

i hate being homesick.
only get it every so often. but, it hits hard.

i hate heartbreaks and breaking hearts.
hearts are fragile, easily damaged and often hard to repair.

i hate regrets.
life is a gift too valuable to underestimate. make the most of things.

ironically, i hate the word hate.
love is all you need.

Monday, April 19, 2010

crunch time

well, my friends... its crunch time.
meaning two weeks until opening night.
staging, choreography to learn, tech week, etc.
it's time to give up diet coke and sweets.
even a bigger yikes.
i realize that is crunch time for a lot of you out there.
deadlines, finals, due dates, etc.
let's do this together.
hang in there.
i wish you luck.

p.s. i can't wait until may 1st. hurry up already.
i'm so anxious to see emily, jules.
and of course my family.

Friday, April 16, 2010

a true "jule"

i just love this girl.
one of those we consider a true beauty.
inside and out.
lovely, lovely lady.
always radiating with love, smiles and kindness.
best laugh out there.
the world is better because of her.
example to all-
in showing that life is real and beautiful
the gospel is true, and she
knows it.
naturally, she owns a spot on the 'best friend' list.
she means the world to me.
following your dreams is a common aspiration of ours.
however, she is far more talented than i am.
listen now. or you'll miss out.
good luck with conquering the world of music.
you have got it at the tip of your fingers.
i simply love you.

check her out for yourself. watcha waitin' for?
she's unreal.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


well, being bored at work resulted in a new post today. and frankly, i have nothig fancy on my mind. just a whole lot of jumbled thoughts. here are the bits an pieces...

word one: taxes. point blank, i don't understand how taxes work. and have no desire to learn. money is a crazy thing. (stink bug- don't get mad at me for saying that) all i know is that i hate them already. daddy called me today with "depressing" news...
i owe money. boo.
word two: impatient. lately, i seem to hold the title of "world's most impatient girl". why? certianly, it is just from being anxious for the things about to happen. sleeping beauty, the move back home for the summer, seeing him again, and few big decisions, and i'm definitely anxious
for summer to take me hostage.
word three: him. you guessed it. he just always seems to be the one thing on my mind. can you blame me? trust me, if you had the world's best boyfriend, you'd be as guilty as i am. sorry girls, unfortunately he's taken. im happily in love. 19 more days until i get to run and
jump into his arms again. yay.
word four: gratitude. i am one lucky girl. lately, i feel as though i have the world under my feet to be greatful for. so many blessings, good things, friends, laughs, moments, promising plans and loving parents. honestly, life couldn't be better.
so, thank you world.
word five: daughter. i have had an awakening in the last few days. i was reminded that i am still a daughter of two gracious parents. i am still 'required' to impress and please them. i better step up my game. they are doing so much for me, and the least i can do is make an
effort to be a little better every day.
word six: self control. or rather a lack of. it seemed to have flown out the window. i am struggling to turn down treats, diet cokes and yogurt mill. aslo, i can't seem to make myself do a few sit ups, push ups and cardio. help. time is a clicking.

word seven: "WHEN?"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

is this real?

if so.... take me there, please.

Friday, April 9, 2010

'a little motivation'

this little quote was perfect for finding today. i feel so stressed, exhausted and simply at the end of my ropes.
i am in need of a little motivation right now.
sleeping beauty is taking the life out of me. my toes have had enough pain already. rehearsals are becoming too long, and to a degree, unbearable. my pointe shoes are dying by the second. my body feels as though it is ready to collapse at any given moment. and i feel as though i've learned enough choreography for five people.
i am not a winer or a complainer. i simply am just exhausted. my exhaustion has turned into stress. however, after reading this little quote i am determined to defeat my plague of exhaustion. i love knowing that pushing the hardest for something when you have nothing left in you, is when you accomplish the most. it starts by defeating your exhaustion mentally. anything is possible no matter the pain or tiredness.
i have it in me to finish this season out. i can do it.
i truly have fallen in love with this ballet more than i expected to. i am humbled at the opportunity i have been given to learn and perform it. through my pain, blistered toes, exhaustion, stress, frustration and long hours in rehearsal i am going to pull the ounce of motivation i have left in me and make the most of it.
wish me luck. i need it.
be motivated. we all have room to push ourselves.
and i'm the first to admit it.