Tuesday, December 29, 2009

so in love with SNOW

Snow is simply lovely. It definitely hits my list of "favorite things". Snow has the power to bring back so many fun, eventful, cold and important memories. I love that snow falls during the winter months; meaning snow seems set the stage for the holidays. Going to the Nutcracker without a snow blizzard is unheard of for me. Snowball fights, with my brothers is a long lived tradition. "Praying" for a white Christmas is routine now. And lucky for me, my wish usually comes true. Driving in the snow is challenging and a bit fearful. However, nothing is better than heat seaters, foggy windows with snowflakes and the breathtaking view of scenery covered in snow. Call me crazy, but snow is romantic. It requires cuddling, snuggling, laying by the fire, hot chocolate, and a visit to Temple Square. Looking out the window at a white world is refreshing and certainly peaceful. With no competition, snowflakes are my favorite thing to doodle. What's skiing, sledding, or ice skating without the snow? It's a must. Snow is gorgeous. And how brilliant it is that no snowflake is like another. I love that fact. The intricate world we live in was so graciously constructed... and snowflakes are one of earth's greatest gems. I just love the snow- that is all there is to it. Please keep falling. You have made my day delightful and have been the inspiration for this post today.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

{ho ho ho}

....merry christmas....

that's all. i just wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas.
don't worry blog, i haven't forgotten you...
it's just a crazy time of year.
a lovely post is soon to come your way.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

one down. one to go.

dear lover in malaysia...
you have been gone exactly one year from today. can you believe it? time is the craziest element; if you would have asked me six months ago- i would have said it had felt like you had been gone forever. however, if you were to ask me today- i would say it feels like you left two days ago. regardless, i miss you. an insane amount. and if you only knew how much i love you. i just wanted to say congrats on being an amazing missionary. i am so glad that you are loving it out there. you are happier than you have ever been, and that's comforting to me. thank you for being you. i cherish our letters simply because they are our everything at the moment. i'm crazy about you and just can't seem to tell you enough how much i love you. one year down and only one more to go. good luck out there darling. "MLF".

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

silly obsession

if i could look like one person right now... it would be her. i am in love with her hair. bangs, bangs and bangs. i find it funny that the second my bangs are long enough to tuck behind my ear... i have a desire to cut them again. who knows if i will be brave enough to do it again. should i? i have a hair appointment next week... i am considering it. another leap of faith. thank goodness for silly obsessions- they bring little pockets of happiness my way.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"bad news bears"

this post is a bitter one. after a marvelous day in the city, my life seemed to have fallen apart in a matter of minutes. my phone was stolen- by a jerk who hacked onto my accounts and did nasty things. it turns out that i have strep throat- just my luck, right? (considering i am approaching one of the biggest and busiest weeks of my my life). and lastly... i find it ironic that exactly a year ago from tonight i was saying goodbye to my lover in malaysia. a sad goodbye. my life seemed to have fallen apart at that very moment too. however, i would take strep throat and a stolen phone over having to say goodbye to the one person you love most in life any day of the week. all in all- today was a bit unlucky, harsh and frustrating. I miss my phone, my health and most of all.... i miss my lover in malaysia.

day off.

it's the first day off in awhile. so, you bet your bottom dollar that i'm taking advantage of that. what better way to spend it than... in the city. it feels as though i haven't been for a visit in a long time. life is busy. i can't wait to spend the entire day with joe joe. i imagine we will eat lots of cookies and chocolate, drink too much diet coke, walk a mile or ten, visit castro, buy CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, walk down my favorite block of little stores, laugh constantly, gossip about nutcracker drama, take a peek at joe's wishes and want items in various stores and get together for dinner with an 'old' friend of ours. the day is just beginning my friends. i hope you have a happy monday.

Friday, December 11, 2009

curtain call

it's opening night! yikes. nerves are hitting me like crazy this year. why? I simply feel under rehearsed. the new lights make things seem impossible. my family is coming which always activates the butterflies in my stomach. and lastly, the pressure of a new role is quite intimidating. i love this time of year; and NuTcRacKer fuels my love. the music, the traditions and the dancing is magical. this year, i love that we are all friends. dressing room laughter is contagious, and feeling like everyone in my room is my best friend is a huge comfort. silly questionnaires, lots of m&m's, "gossiping", rapping to waltz of the flowers (L&N) and inside jokes have found their home inside our room. its lovely. what a great year. i'm happy for the curtain to go up tonight. performing is a passion. wish me luck. i need all that i can get! p.s. to all of you in the company who have made this year a blast.... thank you! i love you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009