Tuesday, August 31, 2010

at last!

look closely- image is on floppy discs. cool. source nick gentry.

we have internet in our home sweet home.
thank heavens.
loverboy can now spend his hours slaving away on homework
under our very own roof.
as opposed to nearest place with an internet connection.
i love this. i'm not home alone as much.

more importantly, thank goodness for this steady connection to the internet.
i have a blogging life again.
i have missed your dear blogs.
and boy, have i missed jotting down my silly thoughts.

connections are lovely.
connections with family, friends, places, and
of course, the internet.

happy blogging.


i had no idea that is was possible for someone out there in the world, to be more obsessed with Michael Jackson than i am. But, we may have a tie for first place. loverboy and i happened to need a wireless router. we took the long trek out to the apple store and to our surprised walked into something.... great. it was fate; i know it was. i blinked a few times, realizing what i saw was real. take a look for yourself.

not the best film, because i was trying to be sneaky from a distance. wish i could have filmed the really good stuff. but, you get an idea.

yes- there was actually a guy dressed up as MJ standing in front of the computer screen, blasting "billy jean", mimicking MJ's every move. hope you noticed the black sequin jacket and white glove. he was dead serious. not putting on a show for anyone. just his usual routine, i suppose.
this was a classic act. loverboy and i were in awe. i know i'm a little rebel for filming him- but i had to. i wasn't the only one doing so... he had quite the fan club.

long story short...
only in mo-town do you walk into an apple store to find this kind of a surprise.
unreal. completely made my day.
as well as the delicious homemade cookies we enjoyed, the perfectly sunny day, the scrumptious dinner we polished off, and the goodnight cuddles.

MJ... your spirit lives on. you are a legend. and i'm your (2nd) biggest fan.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

vote here:

i'm taking a vote.
obviously, my life took on a major lifestyle change.
one, that brought another heart into the picture.
so, i'm at a standstill....

do i change the blog and make it "our's"
do i get a new one all together
do i keep the one i already have?

let me here what you think.
is anyone even reading my blog?
does it really matter?

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Can you believe it?
I am MARRIED! I am the MRS. STICE.
lucky, i know.
i am a wife. suddenly a cook.
i am also a perfectionist. that's nothing new, though.
i've realized just how much i hate
messes and unpacking.
box after box.
kitchen gadget after kitchen gadget.
hanger after hanger.
we are finally done.
thank goodness.
"a new soft couch and big black dresser"
were the last pieces in place.
wanna see? check back soon for posted pictures
of the wedding an our new home.

as for married life?
it's absolutely LOVELY.
i mean honestly, what's better than waking up to the
man of your dreams and best friend every single morning?
sharing every minute of life is spectacular.
every little conversation matters.
minutes turn into hours.
hours into days.
crazy to think we've already been married for 19 days.
time flies when you are with the one you love.
i love being a wife.
but even more, i love having him all to myself.
he is my perfect match.
he completes me.
not to mention, what a total sweetheart he is.

the honeymoon?
if your curious.... it was great.
Hawaii was beautiful.
hiking, snorkeling, laying out, coconut syrup,
aloe vera, bubba gumps, black sand, sun burns and
of course a little love.
it was a perfect ending to a perfect summer.

as for life for the Stice's right now?
dance has already started.
he starts school tomorrow.
he's anxious.
i'm getting whipped back into shape.
he is spoiling me rotten.
thanks lovebird.
we defeated the ants.
yes, ants everywhere in my car.
and other than that....
we just spend our days loving each other
as it will always be that way.

we miss home. mainly those loved ones we left behind. we send you ALL of you our love.
don't worry mom and dad, i'm a great cook. so far so good.
and surprisingly, joel has only been eating a serving size for about 2 people.
i love you both more than all the birds in the sky.
jim, our front table looks great! thanks for everything!
we are off to a good start because of you.
friends... come visit! our doors are always open to you!
we love you!