Sunday, August 29, 2010

vote here:

i'm taking a vote.
obviously, my life took on a major lifestyle change.
one, that brought another heart into the picture.
so, i'm at a standstill....

do i change the blog and make it "our's"
do i get a new one all together
do i keep the one i already have?

let me here what you think.
is anyone even reading my blog?
does it really matter?


  1. I love your blog! Please continue :) I think you should definitely include your adventures with your new hubby ;)

  2. Keep your blog... you can just blog about stuff you guys are doing.. but no need to get a new blog!!! how are you doing? how is joel? how is california? I need an update. Katy

  3. Keep the blog, keep your first name, update the world on your love. Not everybody gets to experience something like you do.