Friday, April 16, 2010

a true "jule"

i just love this girl.
one of those we consider a true beauty.
inside and out.
lovely, lovely lady.
always radiating with love, smiles and kindness.
best laugh out there.
the world is better because of her.
example to all-
in showing that life is real and beautiful
the gospel is true, and she
knows it.
naturally, she owns a spot on the 'best friend' list.
she means the world to me.
following your dreams is a common aspiration of ours.
however, she is far more talented than i am.
listen now. or you'll miss out.
good luck with conquering the world of music.
you have got it at the tip of your fingers.
i simply love you.

check her out for yourself. watcha waitin' for?
she's unreal.


  1. seriously?? thank you for bringing me to tears. geeze i love you. Thank you for believing in me more than the average human. you are the greatest!

  2. I couldn't agree more! How am I so lucky to have you two as such amazing examples and angel friends in my life???? I. AM. SO. LUCKY. I love you both