Monday, April 26, 2010

to: him

(i hope he doesn't check my blog for awhile, because he would probably kill
me for posting this handsome picture of him. shhh!)

happy birthday!!!
you're 24 today.
"that's nuts."

i wish i were home to celebrate with you.
we would eat chocolate cake.
probably go get a bubble tea.
i'd kiss you just a couple times.
you'd open my awesome present
(which i'm crossing my fingers for, in hopes that you will love it)
we would snuggle the night away.
and yes, i would spank you 24 times.
i hope you have a fantastic birthday!
i'm sad i don't get to be with you on your special day.
however, don't you worry- we'll celebrate it the second I get home.
oh and one more thing...
"my favorite month is April. why? because that's when you were born"


  1. joel = sitting at madeline's kitchen table/bar and getting giddy when we would come over and Madeline sending me text messages that said "joel alert. get here asap"
    ya just gotta love that boy