Sunday, May 16, 2010

a fairy tale story

waking up from a restless night due to nerves, she quickly got ready for the big show. it was her day to be aurora in sleeping beauty. she had worked weeks and weeks correcting, rehearsing, learning and well, stressing. her adoring family members, and two of her best friends had traveled miles by plane and car. even a last minute road trip, through the middle of the night, by brother bret made the crew complete. or did it...? someone vital was missing. she was still hoping that by some miraculous way, her lover would miss his finals and SAT to come watch her perform. that's all she wanted, in fact. it made her sick knowing that he wouldn't be there to watch the performance of her lifetime. she walked into the theater that day with butterflies galore, a prayer in her heart, and to be honest a little disappointment. she hadn't heard from him in what seemed like forever. they hadn't been able to chitchat on the phone, simply because their schedules clashed. a little mad that he didn't call her to wish her "good luck", she turned her phone off and walked out to the stage to begin the day she would never forget. it was time to focus. she recognized that this was a day that would never be able to repeat itself. she had been given the leading role of the ballet, and had one shot at performing it. the show had begun. literally, the longest ballet in ballet history seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. after dancing her heart out, the curtain fell putting an end to her show. she was completely out of breath, legs aching of exhaustion and the feeling of accomplishment glowed brightly through her eyes. suddenly, her heart stopped. literally. the next five seconds happened in slow motion... her ballet mistress ordered the company not to leave the stage, and shortly after her director came rushing on stage with someone following right behind him. she couldn't believe her eyes. it was him. in a matter of seconds, the outcome of her performance was upstaged by the man of her dreams; and he was about the perform the proposal of her dreams. the dancers naturally set the stage as they formed a circle around the two lovebirds. being the romantic prince that he was, he said all the right words. she was so shaken up with the butterflies leaping around in her stomach that she could hardly look at him. in fact, she seemed to be more nervous and anxious for that very moment in time more so than the duration of the weeks leading up to her performance. before she could grasp the reality of this fantasy, he was down on one knee. a little white bird box carried the perfect ring. with no hesitation, she said yes. she knew that the best part about her, was him. slipping the ring onto her finger, happened all so fast. the diamond sparkled beyond belief. love was in the air. she was swooped off of her blistered toes. she couldn't get enough of him. looks of love, kisses of passion and hugs of infinity were just the beginning. family rushed over to her in a matter of seconds. friends embraced her with hugs, tears of joy and a lots of congratulations. she felt as though she was the luckiest girl in the world. she had her new fiance in her arms, her family full of nothing but love and support, her best friend at her side and her friends radiating with excitement. it truly was a fairy tale. she now is living happily ever after back in utah for the summer; busier than ever planning the wedding of their dreams while spending every possible second with him. love is simply splendid. the end.
one of many pictures. i wish i could show you more,
but you'll have to wait for august 4th.

well, there you have it.... a fairy tale of my own. the story of my proposal is just the beginning. i am obviously spoiled greatly with love, kisses and a prince charming. he is the best part of me, and what's comforting is that i know that i'm the best part of him. we're made for each other.

i love you babe. thanks for the dream-come-true proposal.
i love you more than life itself.

Friday, May 14, 2010

coming soon

dear blog....
it has been FOREVER.
so much has happened in the last two weeks.
sleeping beauty took all of my time
and energy away from me.
the move back home was exhausting
and i still feel as though i'm adjusting.
i have big news.
really big news.
but, its too exciting to spoil it in this little post.
so a "good" post will be created as soon as
time allows me to sit down and compose.
hang in there blog and friends.
i haven't forgotten you.
in fact, i have missed you dearly.