Friday, July 23, 2010

tick tock

12 days until...
the big day!!!
i am counting down the days.
yet, part of me is holding on
to the life of being "unmarried".
well, i am going to miss being a daddy's girl.
i am scared {yet excited} to learn how to cook,
nervous {yet anxious} for all the change that is about to happen
and i'm not quite ready to give up my 'girly' bedding.
i cannot wait to be married to lover boy.
i'm beyond excited.
i am SO anxious to go through the temple,
to be a bride, a wife and a soul mate.
i can't wait to wake up next to him, to cuddle all night long,
and to come home to someone at night.
12 more days.
planning is complete.
however, 'the checklist' never gets smaller.
i'm so anxious for the days to come.
being a bride is simply CRAZY;
so i better live it up these last
12 days.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ladies and gentlemen... i have found my other heart. and he has found his. it is the best feeling in the world. i hope you have found your second heart, but if not... keep searching, because there is nothing better than finding someone else's heart that makes your heart beat to the rhythm of theirs.

lovely ladies

shout out to two important women in my life!

first being my dear mother. what a beautiful woman she is. such an example of all the greatest attributes. i came home from a ruff day to find a sweet little note, a pair of new shoes, adorable earings, and some new stationary. she simply left them in hopes i would enjoy them. may be a small act of kindness to some of you, but to me, it meant the world. i love her dearly- and words can't possibly begin to describe the deep friendship we hold between us, nor the sincere love i have for her. she's the best mother (midge) in the world. i love you, mom.

second being lovely rosie card. she is a angel. 'ro' just left for her mission today. impressive, right? she is so gorgeous it is unreal. her qualities shine through her. i am so proud of the decision she has made to serve others and Him above. she will truly be a remarkable missionary. happy to see her go, yet sad to lose her for 18 months. i so badly wish she could be in my wedding line. she has changed my life. she has always been a friend- through thick and thin. and i know she always will be. you're incredible rose... i love you! good luck out there!


i feel as though you have died.
sad, sad day.
i know, i have neglected to write
due to wedding plans.
but, please... stay alive.
i'll need you soon for venting,
capturing my thoughts, and
telling the world who i
(soon to be 'we') am.
only about a month more,
and you'll be all mine again.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

busy bee

okay, it's apparent that i am far too busy for this little blog of mine.
planning a wedding is nuts.
yes, i love it, and am having a blast.
but, i don't seem to find time for anything else.
i'm hoping that after my lovely honeymoon i will
have amples of time to blog.
i certainly miss it, and miss reading all of your sweet blogs.
i can't wait to post our engagement photos as well as our
wedding photos. but you'll have to wait a little bit longer,
because everything must be a surprise. you can consider me old school.
lots to catch up on.
but, don't worry it will all get done.
as for now, enjoy your last two months of summer!
i love you dearly!