Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go Utah!

The weekend home wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for the UTAH game. It was a blast. As season ticket holders, I was lucky enough to go with my handsome brothers and awesome dad. Tailgating was a must: Meeting and taking a picture with the "famous" Brent Casteel- a Utah hero, "drinking" Diet Coke, hot dogs, and parading around as a proud Utah fan. The game was wild. We simply dominated Louisville {30-14}. I managed to get on the jumbotron not once... but twice (A family inside joke). The stadium was full and lively- actually, the 6th largest crowd in Utah history. For those of you who don't know me... there is nothing better than the thrill of the atmosphere of a Utah game. Whether it be because of the hot dogs, the jumbotron, the attractive players (only somewhat joking), cheering to the point of losing my voice, the sea of red fans or the cannon fired at a touchdown... I love it all! Thanks to dad for "flying" me home for the weekend. You rock! A Utah man am I, and will be till I die.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I just walked into my "Modesto home" after spending a blissful (yet too short) weekend back home. I never realized how empty my everyday life is without my family. They are the core to my life. I love them dearly. I am who I am because of them. How proud I am to say that, "I am a Carlson". It was a lovely weekend back in beautiful Salt Lake... filled with laughter, Corey's birthday, the Utah game, yummy food, "hand and foot", shopping and lots of texas sheet cake. Although my life may be temporarily empty without them, my homesickness is filled with the never ending love I have for them. I love you family! And that's an understatement.

Friday, September 18, 2009

cheers, to happiness!

1. the thrill of waiting backstage before the curtain opens. opening night.
2. hearing the refreshing sound of a diet coke can opening. music to my ears.
3. reverently kneeling morning and night in sincere prayer. listening closely.
4. simply... falling in love.
5. Realizing I have something exciting to call home about.
6. my little buddy... william. 'major tickles'.
7. walking outside barefooted. feeling somewhat daring.
8. receiving a letter in the mail. much anticipated.
9. airports. destinations. people watching. traveling. taking flight.
10. all things sweet. chocolate please.
11. a conversation held in one sitting; including both tears and laughter. exchanging secrets.
12. proof of hard work and successful rehearsal... sweat.
13. running into an 'old' friend who you haven't seen in ages.
14. conquering a fear.
15. climbing into crisp, clean and cold sheets.
16. Accomplishing something and having that defeat come as a surprise to yourself.

Here's to my Happiness! What makes YOU happy?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cover to cover

Finished my book. Bought the sequel momentarily. I'm loving life... And that's an understatement.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

turning pages.

Page 1: I can't put my book down. Literally.
Page 2: The choice of book? Completely random, and typically not my type.
Page 3: It's no lie, that I am crazy about chick flicks and love stories.
Page 4: The way the pages of a book smell is one of my favorite smells. Thanks to mom.
Page 5: I find myself trying to read slow, simply so I wont finish my book "too soon".
Page 6: Title: Queen of Babble. Author: Megan Cabot
Page 7: If books had a rating, it would be rated PG 13 and classified as a romantic comedy.
Page 8: Ironically, the main character and I are almost "too" similar. Diet Coke lovers, and all.
Page 10: While reading, I have burst out laughing more than I can count. That's rare.
Page 11: Turning my lamp on now so I can fall asleep reading. Good night.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Right Now

Dedication and determination to succeed right now is my middle name. Aspiring my wildest dreams is finally beginning to become reality. Not knowing what I'll be doing with my life in eight months scares me half to death. I have always had direction to my life and a visible outcome of my future... until now. Curiosity, calories, California, choices, challenges, communication, and chocolate. Exploring possibilities while putting forth all my effort in finding the answer. My life revolves around dance right now. Seriously. It isn't a joke when I say "I spend all my time dancing". I never knew I was capable of being so busy. I love it. Being busy is a remedy for homesickness. In the seconds of free time I manage to squeeze in, I find myself trying to figure out the next step to life, while still trying to just "have fun". Currently... lots of Diet Coke, Tuesday emails, Joe and phone calls home are a necessity. I have recently discovered a friendship I never expected to... and am completely relived that we have the potential of being life long friends. Right Now: Trials make you stronger. Long distance love is rewarding yet takes work. Laughter fills my silence. "Violin". Desiring knowledge. Needless to say I love my busy life. Eating, sleeping and dancing gets repetitive, but it's the life I live and the life I love. However, "tomorrow" anything could change. I'm ready.